Day 1 – Hong Kong

Hong Kong was unexpected. All my anticipation and planning had concentrated on London. The Hong Kong stopover hadn’t slipped off my radar, but because I was visiting two schools while there, I was still in work mode, not holiday mode. So driving from the airport to our hotel was a revelation. Hong Kong is so beautiful – in between all the development. Dramatic mountains soaring through clouds, green lushness everywhere, contrasting hugely with the human footprint of bridges, high-rise, freeways and roads.

After checking in, we walked around, finding the ferry departure I’d have to use for one of my school visits. Much of Hong Kong is twenty-first century go ahead, gleam and shine, but it doesn’t take much to find a 1960s Hong Kong with street vendors, rickshaws and clamour. It bustles, it hustles, it confronts you every which way.

I loved it. Colour and movement everywhere, it was a little breathless, but vastly entertaining.