Aubrey Fitzwilliam
At the start of Blaze of Glory, Aubrey Fitzwilliam is seventeen years old. He is a student at Stonelea School in Trinovant, the capital of Albion. He is an extremely talented magician, a useful cricketer, and a reasonable actor on the stage. He is slightly above average height, slim in build, and he has black hair that he tends to be too long. He is the son of Sir Darius and Lady Rose Fitzwilliam. Just before the events of Blaze of Glory, Aubrey undertook a foolhardy magical experiment that has severed the bond between his body and soul. As a result, he is constantly balanced on the edge of death, and it’s only his magic and his strength of will that saves him from this fate.

George Doyle
George Doyle is also seventeen at the start of Blaze of Glory. He is Aubrey’s best friend and is also attending Stonelea School. George doesn’t have a scrap of magical ability, but he is a good cornet player and all round athlete. He is above average height, with a burly frame. His hair is sandy. His parents live in the country on their farm. George’s father was in the army with Aubrey’s father.

Caroline Hepworth
Caroline is seventeen at the start of Blaze of Glory. She attends Willsmere School but has had many private lessons in a wide and varied range of subjects, thanks to friends of her father, the famous magical theoretician Professor Lionel Hepworth. She has dark brown hair and green eyes. She is an expert at hand to hand combat, a fine dancer and an ace ornithopter pilot. She is highly interested in women’s rights, and firmly believes that women should be entitled to vote.

Sir Darius Fitzwilliam
Sir Darius is Aubrey’s father. He is a politician, but in the past he has been a heroic soldier, a champion horseman, a prize-winning yachtsman and an expert bridge player. He has been Prime Minister in the past, after he renounced his claim to the title of Duke of Brayshire. At the start of Blaze of Glory, Sir Darius is aiming to win back the leadership of Albion.

Lady Rose Fitzwilliam
Lady Rose is Aubrey’s mother, and Sir Darius is her husband. She is a renowned biologist and naturalist, working much of the time with the Albion Museum. She has led many expeditions to some of the wildest and most dangerous places in the world. She is a staunch supporter of the suffragist cause.