The World Below the War in the Heavens Podcast

Imagine living in a land where an eternal war rages overhead between gods and demons, a land where mighty magic is the result of artefacts falling from this cosmic struggle. This podcast explores the history, the geography, the people, culture and beliefs of this remarkable world – and especially the oldest, most influential and most extraordinary realm of the entire continent, Anaquist, the home of the Dead God’s Heirs.


Apocryphal Australia Podcast

Apocryphal Australia brings you stories from Australia’s past that are outlandish and eye-opening, tales that have been overlooked, forgotten and neglected. We feature fiascos and deal with debacles as well as extol triumphs and acclaim achievements. No achievement is too small, no ignominy too embarrassing for us to bring them to you. Your hosts are Michael Pryor and Stephen Higgins.