Made Up Statistics

makes sense of a higher sort

16% of people think a placebo was a government official in ancient Sumer.

4% of ants are actually small sticks.

8% of people have no nail on their little toes.

14% of Renaissance painters were allergic to cheese.

28% of people have faces that cannot be caricatured by cartoonists.

71% of directions given by strangers are wrong in either direction or duration.

5% of Monopoly games are played strictly by the rules.

94% of clouds aren’t any shape at all, really.

12% of economists worship the Great White Sow.

77% of meetings are too long, 22% are pointless.

44% of cats can’t smile.

23% of politics makes no sense at all to anyone.

2% of traffic lights are telepathic and change to red just to spite you.

88% of items marked ‘Handwash only’ are thrown in the washing machine.

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