I am much in demand as an entertaining and informative speaker, either solo or as part of a panel – or as an experienced MC.

I offer a number of different presentations suitable for large groups:

  • World Creation – The Challenges of Writing Fantasy (How I – and other writers – go about creating a convincing Fantasy world).
  • This Writing Life – (the general ‘How I Write’ session, with anecdotes about other writers and insights into the writing process).
  • Steampunk – Clanks, Cranks and Steamdriven Tanks (What is Steampunk? How do you write it? Why is it so much fun?)
  • The Making of The Laws of Magic – (the thinking, preparation and research behind this best-selling six book comedy/fantasy/adventure/romance series, with readings, book trailers, and a look at how to construct multi-volume stories).
  • The Literature of Imagination – Fantasy and Science Fiction (a ramble through the history of Fantasy and Science Fiction literature).

I’m able to respond to any particular areas that a school or festival would like addressed, and I’m happy to discuss possibilities.

I run highly effective writing workshops for smaller groups, concentrating on the ‘Elements of Storytelling’, ‘Efficient Strategies for Improving Writing – Changing it from the Boring to the Brilliant’, or even ‘World Creation – How to Write Fantasy, the Professional Way’. Workshop participants come away from all of these sessions with dozens of strategies, ideas and inspirations for their own writing.

I also run professional development sessions helping teachers who are interested in using the Fantasy and/or Science Fiction genres in the classroom.

If interested, contact me directly, or go to Booked Out, my booking agency.