Here are links to free epub versions of ‘The Doorways Trilogy’:

The Doorways Trilogy (The House of Many Rooms, The Book of Plans and The Unmaker) was my first attempt at a major series. After writing my first two books (The Mask of Caliban and Talent) I was itching to try something more extended. My intial thought was about the nature of Fantasy. Broadly, I see Fantasy having three major categories:

  1. There and Back Again. That is, the charactesr start in the real world and transition to the Fantasy world, have adventures, and come home again. Think The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  2. The Intrusion. This is where Fantasy elements intrude into our world.  At the end, they either go back, or stay here.
  3. The Full-on Secondary World. Lord of the Rings. Middle-earth has no connection with our own. It has its own, coherent, free-standing existence.

With The Doorways Trilogy, I wanted to play around with this idea, and the idea of doorways between countless worlds presented itself to me. Away I went.

Interestingly, the metaphor of building and construction and architects runs through the books and has a parallel with my real life. At the time, we were undergoing a major home renovation. Much of Books 1 and 2 was written in what had been a cupboard, with an electric light on the end of an extension cord dangling from a beam overhead …