I’ve published over 50 short stories for adults, teenagers and younger readers. They have been published in Australia and overseas and range from gritty, serious explorations of characters and issues to fast paced, witty humour. Magazines such as Pursuit, Contagious, the New South Wales School Magazines (Orbit, Touchdown) and – for adults – Overland and Aurealis have published my work to great critical and audience acclaim.

In addition, anthologies such as the Patternmaker and Gadgets and Gizmos, Short and Trust Me have featured my stories, bringing them to an even wider audience.

I enjoy writing short stories. The compression necessary for an effective narrative is a real challenge and the lessons I learn in pacing come in very useful in my longer works. Writing novels is a different sort of challenge. The Young Adult audience is both discriminating and appreciative, which is a wonderful combination. I feel I can entertain and stimulate my readers, and make them think. I deal with issues of importance to young adults because I’m primarily writing about the future, and that’s where they’re headed.