Kingsley Ward
Kingsley Ward is seventeen, well built, and extremely dexterous. He has put his studies to one side to pursue a life on the stage as a magician and escapologist, and this has caused some unhappiness at home. Kingsley was born in India, but his parents are unknown. He was found by forestry workers after being raised by wolves.

Evadne Stephens
Evadne Stephens is from an extremely wealthy family, but she has run away from home because of the restrictions placed upon her ambitions. She is highly intelligent, hugely inventive and she is also a fine juggler with an arresting stage presence. She is also an albino.

Professor Malcolm Ward
Professor Ward is Kingsley’s foster father. He is a respected polymath, being a linguist, anthropologist and palaeontologist. The forestry workers gave him the baby they discovered with the wolves.

Jabez Soames
Jabez Soames is a businessman who has extensive dealings with the Demimonde.