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Cover Blurb
Help! The Ice-cream Domination League is blowing up the world’s ice-cream factories!

Enter Leo da Vinci. Inventor, artist, genius and founder of Fixit International Inc., all at the age of ten.

His team? Meet steam-powered Isaac, maths whiz and wise-cracking pig Ragnar, and Mina from school, who’s super-handy with a hammer.

The plan? Ready the Strikebird. Pack the Heat-seeking Cauliflower Missiles. Find out why Comet Big-Kahuna is heading for Earth. Stop the IDL before Mum pulls you home for dinner.
Start the cheesy launch music and hold on for your life!

The Story Behind the Story
‘Leo da Vinci vs the Ice-Cream Domination League’ is a very silly book – and it was a lot of fun to write. I’ve always liked the idea of the young inventor, working away to create amazing contraptions. And I’ve always liked the idea of young inventors saving the world. Oh, and I’ve always liked the idea of talking pigs, too. Throw all these things in together, add some extra silliness, and you have the start of Leo da Vinci’s adventures.

Another way to look at it is that I’m trying to rewrite history. Everyone says that Leonardo da Vinci was a Renaissance inventor, artist, scientist and dreamer. He is often considered one of the most brilliant people of all time. But maybe I have another opinion. Maybe, Leo da Vinci is a young person in our world today who spends his time fighting super villains and saving the world – in between school, sport, and home commitments. I mean, why not?

I spent a lot of time researching that other Leo da Vinci, looking at his drawings, his sketches, his paintings and anything else I could find. He was amazing, and so young Leo had to be amazing too.

Leo da Vinci Begins
Leonardo da Vinci, ten-year-old eagle-eyed righter of wrongs, ate his breakfast with one hand. With his other hand, he sketched a HeliSlide, his latest big idea.

His mother lobbed a banana at him to get his attention. ‘Leonardo, someone left a message for you.’

Leo stared at the banana. It gave him an idea for a new kind of skateboard. ‘Who was it?’

His mother looked up from her phone. ‘He said he was Wild Wilbur, the Destroyer of Worlds. He wanted you to know that he’d broken out of prison and was coming after you. More toast, dear?’

‘Yes, please.’

Leonardo da Vinci, genius inventor and Head of Fixit International Inc., frowned. Wild Wilbur was his sixth deadliest enemy. Leo had thought he was rid of him forever after their battle in the Wild Wilbur Black Fortress of Darkest Doom.

Leo added a bubblegum dispenser to the sketch. Wild Wilbur might be wild, but he was also reliable – so Leo had better be alert.

Leo finished his toast. He finished his orange juice. He took his sketch, turned it upside down and wrote his name on it back to front.

‘I am going to the shed,’ he said to his mother.
‘Make sure you wear a hat,’ she replied. ‘It’s going to be hot again today.’
‘What should I say if wild Wilbur rings again?’
‘Tell him to call my mobile, please.’