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  • November17th

    I Have a Guest!

    For this tenth and last episode in the current series of The World Below the War in the Heavens podcast, I have a very special guest. Dr David Threshton, the head of the Department of Anaquist Studies at the Hallmark University. This means we have an actual expert discussing the mystery of King Sayn’s Treasure, a staggeringly rich hoard accumulated by Anaquist’s fifth monarch. Soon after his death, his treasure vault was opened to find that every gem, every gold statue, every piece of lavishly decorated furniture and every magnificent scale had vanished. Treasure hunters, assemble!

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  • October27th

    This was fun – trying to give an overview of the animal life and its ecosystem in an entirely imaginary Fantasy land. This shows what Worldbuilding can be all about.

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  • September24th

    Omir: warrior, thinker, a man of both action and reflection, a monarch who never thought of himself as ruler of Anaquist but more of a protector of its people. Plus, the Autumn Plot!

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  • August23rd

    It’s here, personally curated for your listening, Episode 5 in my podcast ‘The World Below the War in the Heavens’. You can hear me explore, uncover, investigate and probe an imaginary land in a depth you wouldn’t believe possible. Truly. ‘Entertaining and entrancing’ – The Podcast Compendium. ‘Startling, innovative, diverting’ – The Podcaster’s Guide to Podcasts. ‘Unique. Undoubtedly ground-breaking. A landmark series’ – another made up critic. Get on board, subscribe and/or review. Say nice things. It’ll do us both some good. You can find it wherever you usually get your podcasts, or listen via the player below.