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  • December11th

    A lot of buzz is already out there for this YA anthology from Harper Collins, due for publication in May 2017. It’s great being part of such a phalanx of top YA writers. Knowing them, I’m sure that the collection will be a delight, full of different approaches and voices. See here for more details and pre-ordering. #loveozya

  • February5th

    Leo da Vinci. Artist. Scientist. Inventor. Dreamer. Ten year old fighter against supervillains.

    As promised, it’s time to reveal some details of my new writing project. This is another departure from my writing for Young Adults, and I’m fairly and squarely writing for primary school readers this time with The Adventures of Leo da Vinci.vitruvian man

    To those small-minded people who might be prone to quibble and suggest that Leo da Vinci was actually an Italian Quattrocento polymath, I say ‘Pish’. As any fule no, Leo da Vinci is ten years old and engaged in an eternal struggle against evil, as long as he can fit it in around his school and other commitments. To this end, he has formed Fixit International Inc and gathered a cadre of eccentric and hard-bitten comrades, including a wood-burning robot and a talking pig. Leo invents, draws, sculpts and plans in a constant frenzy of creativity, while battling with the nuances of making friends and navigating the modern world.

    And if can just paint that Mrs Gioconda’s quirky smile right, he’ll be happy.


    The first book in this ground-breaking series will be published by the good people at Penguin Random House Australia. The first will be released this August, and the second early next year. Look out for them, buy them, discuss them, adore them, share them with friends, advocate them, nominate them for prestigious awards and, if you own a major Hollywood studio, option them for blockbuster movies, at the very least.

  • October23rd

    Here’s a sneak peek at something I’m working on right now.

    Dad put both hands flat on the table in front of him and stared at them. ‘You need to shoot your own dog.’

    ‘What? Where did that come from? Is this non sequitur week?

    ‘I can’t let you do it, Anton. Sometimes, a man needs to shoot his own dog.’

    ‘Aargh! Repeating it doesn’t make it any better! What are you? A character in an old western movie?’

    ‘I –’

    ‘That’s so dumb, “A man’s gotta shoot his own dog.” No he doesn’t! Why not save it? Get it the right treatment, an operation, whatever. I mean, that sort of stoic guy stuff is a cop out. Who are you thinking of, the dog or you? If I don’t take care of my dog I’ll look bad? Sheesh. All over the wild west, I bet dogs lived in constant fear, just in case their masters glanced at them with the ‘That dog’s seemin’ a mite poorly’ look in their eye.’

  • February11th

    And we now have a back cover for Machine Wars,final back cover due April. In the spirit of all good back cover blurbs, read and be tantalised.














  • December20th

    And here it is: the superb, stylish, sensational cover of Machine Wars, my 33rd book, due in April from Random House Australia.

    Machine Wars

    I love it!

  • December5th

    Scienceworks, Melbourne’s science museum, has just opened an amazing new long-term exhibition called Think Ahead. The launch was on 4 December and I was lucky enough to be invited along because my association with this extraordinary project goes back to early 2013.

    Not long after 10 Futures was published, I had an email from Kate Phillips, an exhibition curator at Scienceworks. She let me know that Scienceworks was planning a major exhibition looking at the future. She was, naturally interested in 10 Futures and the process I’d gone through in putting it together. We email chatted and I shared some of the research sites and resources I’d used in my imaginings of the future.

    Now, nearly two years later, Think Ahead is here in all its glory. It’s a marvellous exhibition, full of fun interactive activities and experiences ranging from robots to recycling to constructing your own virtual city to making yourself teleport Star Trek style.

    On top of all this, I am a museum exhibit.Think Ahead exhibition small

    One of the features of Think Ahead is a number of listening posts, places where futurologists(!) muse about the where we’re going as a species. One of these esteemed prognosticators is Australian novelist, imagineer and thinker, Michael Pryor :-).

    Go and see Think Ahead and start imagining the future you want to make.

  • November4th

    Yes, I really do.


  • October19th

    And here’s the official book trailer for my next book ‘The Extinction Gambit’, Book One of ‘The Extraordinaires’.