The Anaquist Dynasty Foundation Period

With the final episode of the second season of the ‘World Below The War in the Heavens’ podcast out there, I thought I’d post a table of the monarchs of this Foundation Period, so everyone can see them in order and in context.

70-110Ucantha 1Founder of the realm and the dynasty
113-199Kenlill I Dutiful daughter?
200-205Omir IReluctant warrior. Omir’s son is Prescon (not the later king)
206-212Sendia IInvented the system of categorisation of scales. Is deeply interested in magic. Founded Library of Souls, nevertheless.
212-253Sayn IThe Treasure of Sayn. Two years old when his mother died.
253-256Prescon ILets the games lapse. Not interested. No issue.
256-279Varphina ISister of Prescon. Institutes ‘Varphina’s Choice’ method of succession. Great Heavenfall of 234.
280-284Blemin ISon of Varphina. Married twice, started the tradition of monarch’s heads on coins.
285-287Ascot IDaughter of Varphina Sister of Blemin. Rise of Carinine Heresy.
288-298Treesten IDaughter of Varphina Sister of Blemin and Ascot. Major magical disaster – the Harlen Dale Disaster.
298-306Hoch ISon of Ascot. Was in hiding for much of his childhood. Three children.
307-331Sendia IIDaughter of Sayn, sister of Varphina Murdered lots of people. One of her offspring – Blemin, died in a snake wrestling accident when he was only nineteen
331-335Iona I Daughter of Sendia II.
335-339Halden ISon of Iona? Died while out riding alone. Body never recovered. No cylinder. Grippina the Cruel suspected of murder.