A new ‘Laws of Magic’ story

It’s been a long time, but I have a new ‘Laws of Magic’ novella for you: Brink of Disaster.

It’s a totally free digital book for you to download and enjoy. Click on the image above, or the link in the final paragraph below.

Eight years after the publication of the last of the series (Hour of Need, 2012) I found myself wondering what they’d been up to after we parted company, Aubrey, Caroline, George and the rest of the characters I’d grown so close to over the ten plus years of writing the series. In the intervening years, surely they would have embarked on all sorts of adventures, faced so many challenges, and generally coped with the exigencies of adulthood – in one way or another.

So I decided to rejoin them, see what was going on with them and their lives, and share this with you.

I don’t think revisiting characters after such a long time gap has been done in OzYA before. Some writers have followed characters over a number of years, but a time jump of a decade, almost reflecting the real time elapsed since the last book, is refreshingly different. YA characters become A?

Covid-19 also had something to do with this project, as I thought it might be something to help alleviate the unease of these straitened times. I’ve striven for the same ‘Laws of Magic’ historical/fantasy/comedy/romance feel that gained so many readers when the series was released, and doesn’t the world need a little panache, style and grace right now?

You can download it at Smashwords, and it’s one hundred percent free, my gift to you.