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  • February11th

    And we now have a back cover for Machine Wars,final back cover due April. In the spirit of all good back cover blurbs, read and be tantalised.














  • January21st

    And here it is, a teaser for Machine Wars – my 34th book, due April from Random House Australia.



    The metal menace emerges.

  • December20th

    And here it is: the superb, stylish, sensational cover of Machine Wars, my 33rd book, due in April from Random House Australia.

    Machine Wars

    I love it!

  • October18th

    After my last post on Historical Fantasy was enjoyed by so many, I thought I’d walk across the line and look at Alternate History, especially seeing as I made the distinction between it and historical fantasy.

    And just a word on the Alternate/Alternative debate. Frankly, I think ‘Alternate’ doesn’t make as much sense in this context as ‘Alternative’, and it may be actively wrong, but it seems to the be winner out there in internet land and, as we know, the internet is the arbiter in all things.

    Quick definition – a story where one important premise is a change in an historical event that causes today to be different. The Jonbar Hinge (go on, look it up, I know you’re dying to) kicks off a different (alternative!) timeline providing authors with great story possibilities.

    This sort of story is almost the classic ‘What if?’ jumping off point, from the obvious ‘What if the Nazis won WWII?’ to other, more obscure historical turning points.

    In the list below, I’ve deliberately avoided any Nazis winning WWII stories. You can find them yourselves – there are plenty. Read More | Comments

  • May21st

    Like a free taster of The Subterranean Stratagem (Extraordinaires 2) ? Go here!

    SS front cover small





  • March14th

    Looking to make sure you get your copy of Extraordinaires 2 quick smart? Go here to order!

    SS front cover

  • February19th

    And here it is, the book trailer for ‘The Subterranean Stratagem’, the second book of ‘The Extraordinaires’ series.

    More magic, more mayhem, more mystery and much, much more Kingsley and Evadne!

  • February2nd

    Here we are: the stunning, atmospheric, brooding, enticing cover for ‘The Subterranean Stratagem’, the second book in ‘The Extraordinaires’ series. Random House Australia does quality work!

    I love it.

    Publication date: April 2

  • August6th

    I’m playing around with writing an adult novel – ‘The Laws of Magic’ ten years on. Aubrey, Caroline, George and Sophie in a world startlingly like our own in the Jazz Age, but with magic. Now, I don’t know if this has been done before at all, taking a YA novel and its characters and leaping forward into the adult world.

    I think it has possibilities.


  • April3rd

    I’m highly chuffed that Extraordinaires 1: The Extinction Gambit has been gonged as a Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book. Congratulations, too, to the others on the list – it’s an honour to be in such company.Stylish, mysterious, evocative.

    The full list of Notable Books is here.